Craft smitery Fučík & Skála Co. has been founded in 1992, in the time of dissolution of state owned enterprices " association of handcraft enterrices pregue" where we worked as craft smiths.

Our own business folows the tradition of hand procesing of metal and reconstruction of monuments of art. We make bars, door mounting, wrought fences, railings, entrace gates and portals, interior accessories such are wrought beds, chairs, candlesticks, lamps, fireplases equipment, banisters, etc...

We supply our products in such a final treatment to be in accordinance with of our custemers. Another final treatment, recommended especially for outdoorpurposes of use, is the blazing zinc coating. Wich has an anticorrosion charakter. We make our products also of copper, brass, etc...

Let us give you some examples of our works:

Prague castle- The north entrace ways- reconstruction of garden gate and fences
Obecní dům, Prague- Brass works (bells, billiarrds abacuses, flowers pots)
Jablonec na Nisou- Overall reconstruction of the secessional theatre
Bratislava- Collection of Wrought gates
Jihlava- Portals to the central cemetary, gate to the passage

In case of your interest, please do not hesitate and contact us on the address give above.

We are looking forward to any kind of manual cooperation.

Your faith fully

Martin Skala

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